Bakers Daughter By Coil Spill - 100ml - shake n vape

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Bakers Daughter By Coil Spill - 100ml - shake n vape

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  • A delicious sugar cookie with hints of white chocolate and soft melted marshmallows. Baker’s Daughter is sweet, warm, and satisfying, perfect for fall time vaping!

Product Type: Low flavor concentrate
Nicotine content: 0mg/ml
Not to be used as it is. Always add 2x10ml neutral base even for a nicotine free flavor or
add 2x10ml nic shot doing so will give you 120ml 3mg nicotine strength.

    • Made in the USA


    • USP-Grade Nicotine


    • USP-Grade Propylene Glycol


    • USP-Grade Vegetable Glycerin


    • Diacetyl Free Flavourings

Please note: Once nozzle has been removed, please ensure you have removed the O-ring (if in place) from the underside of the nozzle to allow correct seating. If you would like a faster flowing eliquid from these bottles, it is recommended to trim the nib down slightly and not squeeze the bottles harder.