THICK OIL BUTTER OIL -100ML - shake n vape

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THICK OIL BUTTER OIL -100ML - shake n vape

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Bringing the nuttier side of vaping straight to your atomizer, Butter Oil by Thick Oil Juice is a unique creation utilizing the rich, earthy taste of freshly ground peanut butter and sweet cookie crumbles mixed with super smooth pudding for an incredibly creamy and rich vape experience.

Flavor Profile: Peanut Butter | Pudding | Cookie

85 VG / 15 PG Blend

Product Type: Low flavor concentrate
Nicotine content: 0mg/ml
Not to be used as it is. Always add 2x10ml neutral base even for a nicotine free flavor or
add 2x10ml nic shot doing so will give you 120ml 3mg nicotine strength.